The Role of Probiotics on Aquaculture Water Quality

The Role of Probiotics on Aquaculture Water Quality

Having good water quality is crucial for the successful cultivation of fish and shrimp. Management of water quality can boost the growth and productivity of cultivation. Water quality is expressed by several parameters: physical, chemical, and biological. We must maintain all these parameters so that there is a balance between shrimp, microorganisms, and the content of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and the pH of the water which we must always maintain.

Pond waters are like a home for shrimp, which we must take care of so that the shrimp can live comfortably so that the shrimp can grow normally. To create these environmental conditions, there are several things we must pay attention to to maintain water quality, one of which is the application of probiotics in shrimp ponds.

Probiotics function

Probiotics in shrimp farming have many functions such as bioremediation, decomposing organic matter, preventing disease attacks caused by pathogenic bacteria, and controlling the density of dangerous plankton. Administering the right probiotics and the right dosage will provide benefits according to the expected targets. Things that must be considered when applying probiotics to cultivation ponds are:

  • The right dosage and measurement
  • Timing of the right delivery
  • Duration of use
  • How to use must be in accordance with the instructions
  • Depending on environmental conditions

We must also pay attention to environmental conditions, such as when a plankton bloom occurs, we must immediately reduce the plankton density, but we must not immediately reduce the number of plankton quickly and suddenly because it will disrupt the balance of the ecosystem.

Several cases that occurred before the problem occurred were characterized by a large concentration of plankton. There is a solution that we can provide, namely by using the probiotic ARIAKE 3 which has been proven in the field to control and also reduce plankton. with the right dose and the right duration of use, it can have a positive effect on reducing plankton in waters.

One way the ARIAKE 3 probiotic works is that in the denitrification process, respiration occurs from nitrate to nitrogen into the air so that nitrogen as a macronutrient for plankton such as BGA (Blue Green Algae) will decrease and ultimately the plankton will die because their is no nitrogen in the water.

Author : Jery Prastiyo

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