MOSNON TB – Harvestariake


Usefulness Mosquito control (biological larvacide)
Registration Number Indonesia: RI.06090120165519
Singapore: SINNEAI-TabLT/016/0858
Active Ingredients Bacillus thuringiensis strain D142
Characteristics Effervescent tablet
Packing 10 tablets / bottle
200 tablets / bottle
  • Biological larvacide / organic larvacide
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Active ingredients made in Japan
Place Mosquito breeding area
Preparation 200 liters / tablet
Target Mosquito Type Aedes spp. mosquito (DBD & Zika)
Anopheles spp. mosquito (Malaria)
Culex spp. mosquito (elephant leg & Japanese encephalitis)
How To Use :
Enter one MOSNON tablet for every 200 L of water volume contained mosquito larvae
Bacillus thuringiensis D142.
This bacterial strain was isolated from brackish water sediments in Mangrove, Japan.
Mode of Action :
Crystal protein (delta-endotoxin) is activated after breaking down in larval midgut by proteolytic enzyme under the alkaline environment. Binding it with the receptor (Aminopeptidase N) causes pore formation on the midgut and larval death.

Safety (Active Ingredients)
  • Acute oral toxicity test (Mice)            : LD50>2,000 mg/kg
  • Acute skin toxicity test (Mice)            : LD50>2,000 mg/kg
  • Acute Irritation / Irritation (Rabbit) : Tidak menimbulkan iritasi
  • Japanese Rice Fish                               : LD50>600 mg/kg (96 jam)
  • Freshwater shrimp                               : LD50> 10 mg / kg (96 hours)
  • Beta-exotoxin                                         : Not produced
Experimental Data
(1). Laboratory Experiment
Fifty larvae of Aedes aegypti were used for the efficacy test.
More than 90% of larvae were dead within 3 hours.
(2). Field Experiment
Location : Kediri, East Java, Indonesia.
Treatment : 1 tablet / week and 1 tablet / month, total 95 houses.
Period: October - December 2015.
Safety Precautions
- Store in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight.
- Please use it with quality preservation period (2 years after manufacturing month).

For more details about the mechanism of work MOSNON see the video below: