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Recommendations of Probiotic Culture and Ariake Media

The application of probiotic isolates in the field of aquaculture, especially shrimp culture, is currently needed, this is because it can be a support in overcoming problems in intensive ponds. Some of the problems encountered in the intensive shrimp culture in ponds that fungal and bacterial pathogens, the high organic wastes, and water quality is not stable as of N and P compound. Pond environmental conditions that could adversely affect the growth of shrimp because of stress and vulnerable to disease, so that prevention efforts are needed probiotics.

The application of probiotics regularly has various benefits particularly disease prevention and control of water quality. The application of probiotics should be done immediately to maintain its effectiveness. However, the application with multiplication or cultures may also be used to reduce the cost of production.

Recommended condition of bacterial culture media

The main key of probiotic cultures are free of contamination. In addition, the selection of growing media must also good quality to optimal results. In general, all types of bacteria need nutrients such as carbon, protein, and water to grow. However, some specific bacteria requires specific nutrients too. Alternative sources of carbohydrates and proteins that used for probiotic bacteria media should be sufficiently available and has an affordable price by shrimp farmers.

The comparison Ariake Media with other media.

Ariake Media is an innovation of our products are formulated in the form of a substrate corresponding nutritional needs of probiotic bacteria. Nutrition in Ariake Media can support the growth and division of bacterial cells optimally. Composition Ariake Media in general that, carbohydrate, protein, fat, fiber, minerals (macro and micro), as well as vitamins. Media Ariake has an advantage over the usual culture media are like molasses and skim milk.

The number of bacteria at start time and finished time
The comparison of number of cultured bacteria in Ariake Media with different salinity
Adaptation to water with different salinity

Ariake media culture can be applied with fresh water and sea water. Ariake specific bacteria are not significantly affected by salt water conditions. Recommended time with Ariake Media culture ranges between 18-20 hours.



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