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We manufacture products in Indonesia with main ingredients or active ingredients are derived from the mother company, namely Kyushu Medical Co., ltd. in Japan.

Our company has been registered at the Ministry of Marine Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Trade, and Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

Our products are distributed throughout Indonesia regions, and several countries in Southeast Asia.

Our products are sold through authorized distributors and sub-distributors to reach all regions in all over the Indonesia. You may contact directly the Sales Area in your region (contact numbers are on distributor page).

Please contact our authorized distributors (see the following distributor page/link) to discuss and cooperate about the potential area and the opportunities.

Please find our products in the online shop of our sub-distributor. About official store from us, we don't have it yet.

The end customer price depends on the location/regions. Therefore, please contact the sales area of our distributor (See the following distributor page/link).

This is because our raw materials are of high quality materials and manufactured in Japanese standards. So, our products are classified as premium products. And also we produces all product under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in order to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Yes, you can contact and negotiate directly with our sales distributor (contact numbers are on distributor page) about discount prices. We will help if the terms and conditions of the purchase reached.

These products is NOT a part of our product today. In the past (> 5 years ago) we had a section for the development of agricultural brand probiotic “HATAKE(はたけ)”hatake, but is not in production anymore. Goods named “HATAKE” are still in the market in Indonesia. Irresponsible parties continue to use our company name ILLEGAL as the manufacturer of these products without any approval or registration under DEPTAN. We have already reported to the competent governmental authorities.

Please contact us directly via e-mail, chat websites, and telephone. Our technical support will follow up on your request immediately.

The dosage that we recommend is based on the value of the effectiveness and efficiency of the results of our research. Considering that the pond waters environment is very dynamic and varies by region, the dosage used can be adjusted to the actual conditions at the site.

Trial tests can be approved and implemented by agreement prospecting, sales of the distributor and PT. HAI.
The trial can be carried out with certain terms and conditions.

  • First, about the large potential use of our products.
  • Second, trials should be supported by measurements of water and environmental parameters.
  • Third, the data of results shall be open for access.

The recommended dosage is based on the efficacy value from the results of our research. Excessive use of MOSNON TB in water with a certain volume does not cause negative effects on non-target organisms but is classified as not economical. While lower doses still have an efficacy effect on target organisms but with lower effectiveness.

You have three main channels for discussion service of PT. HAI :

1. E-mail (admin@harvestariake.co.id)
Send us the details of your inquiry. Our technical support will be contacting or responding to email you back. This discussion active service during the weekdays (Monday - Friday) from 07.30 - 16.30 pm.

2. Help chat directly via the website
Contact us via live chat that is available in the lower right corner column of the website on weekdays (Monday - Friday) from at 07:30 to 16:30. Make sure you include the full name column live chat and email address you used to facilitate the handling of your question, our technical support will soon provide a solution or provide answers to your questions to the email listed on our website.

3. Phone
Contact us to the office number on weekdays (Monday - Friday) from at 7:30 to 16:30. Next will be followed by our technical support to answer questions. If there is no info on the completion of your question, our technical support will soon provide a solution or provide answers to your questions to the email address listed on our website.



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