Biofloc, a solution to save feed and water

Biofloc is a technology that utilizes heterotrophic bacteria to improve water quality by adding external carbon sources or increasing the carbon content of feed. The hope is that heterotrophic bacteria are able to process protein sources that are wasted from feed that is not digested by fish/shrimp. Biofloc itself consists of clumps (aggregates) suspended in ponds/ponds consisting of phytoplankton, algae, bacteria, protozoa, and other types of organic material particles such as feces and leftover feed. Typical agglomerates are irregular in shape, have a wide distribution of particle sizes (0.1-2 mm), are smooth, easily compressed, highly porous (more than 99% porosity) and permeable to liquids.

In fish and shrimp cultivation, biofloc has been applied. Biofloc technology is a solution to save feed and water in fish and shrimp cultivation. By using biofloc, feed usage is reduced and the FCR value is lower when we compare it with ordinary techniques. Using the biofloc technique can also save water use, because biofloc will process N sources that come from feed so that water quality is maintained safely.

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