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Seminar Technical of Ariake Probiotics in Lampung

News, Lampung – PT. Harvest Ariake Indonesia (HAI) and PT. Lanxess Indonesia in cooperation with PT. Behn Meyer Chemicals as the official distributor for Indonesia region held a meeting and discussion about technical management of shrimp ponds. The theme for the probiotics presentation is “Ariake Probiotics, managing risk in shrimp aquaculture.” In three different locations that are sub-district of Padang Cermin (Pesawaran Regency), sub-district of Bengkunat (West Lampung Regency), and sub-district of Kalianda (South Lampung Regency) in a marathon on Tuesday – Thursday (23-25 / 7).

Seminar of Ariake Probiotics part 1, Padang Cermin, Pesawaran District.

The purpose of the activity is to build relations between shrimp farmers in Province of Lampung region, introduce Ariake probiotic products in detail, and share the update information about the technical handling of shrimp aquaculture problems with probiotics approach.

Seminar of Ariake Probiotics part 2, Bengkunat, West Lampung District.
Seminar of Ariake Probiotics part 3, Kalianda, South Lampung District.

The meeting was attended by the owners of the shrimp ponds, ponds technicians, and representatives of the hatchery and shrimp feed in Lampung are members of the Forum Communications Practitioner Aquaculture (FKPA). We discuss probiotics as a control, how to maximize the role of probiotics, features, indication, and best applications for probiotics Ariake supported by data from the results of laboratory experiments and field tests. In addition, we also discuss the process standard bacterial culture in ponds so that the participants can use as a guide.



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