PowerLac - Harvestariake


Usefulness Feed supplements and immunostimulants
Registration number KKP RI No. D 1412243 PBS
Active ingredients Heat - killed Lactococcus lactis D1813
Characteristics Powder
Packaging 1 Kg @ 10 sachet 100 gram
  1. Powder with a type of excellent bacteria Lactococcus lactis D1813 to maximize growth and maintain the health of fish and shrimp.
  2. PowerLac as an immunostimulator that works to increase endurance.
  3. Increase the digestibility of feed.
  4. Increased resistance to stress due to environmental changes.
  5. Increase the growth rate of fish and shrimp.
Experiment Data
(1) Enhances shrimp growth rate
(2) PowerLac promotes the expression of digestion enzyme-related genes
(3) PowerLac-fed shrimp shows stress-resistance

Freshwater stress resistance of shrimp juveniles
after 30 days of feeding trial.
(4) Stimulates the immune system of the shrimp
Field Data
PowerLac has a positive impact on growth parameters (FCR, average body weight, and productivity)

Species : White shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)
Type : Intensive aquaculture
Location : Province of Lampung, Indonesia.
1-2 grams / kg of feed with 1-2 times feeding in a day.
(0,1-0,2 % of the amount of feed given).

How to Use :
  • Dissolve PowerLac according to the dose with sufficient water, feed input, and stir it evenly.
  • Let stand a few minutes, and then
  • Feed can be stocked directly to the pond.
Safety Precautions
- Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
- Please use in quality assurance period (2 years after month of manufacture).


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