Ariake 3 - Harvestariake


Usefulness Keep water quality and control phytoplankton.
Registration number KKP RI No. D 1206200 BBS
Active ingredients Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D203
Bacillus licheniformis strain D3270
Bacillus pumilus strain D1729
Characteristics Powder
Packaging 1 Kg @ 10 sachet 100 gram
Features :
  1. Control the density of phytoplankton in the waters.
  2. Prevent and treat infections of bacteria (Vibrio spp.) and fungi (Fusarium spp.) pathogens.
  3. Degrade organic matter from feed residue and dead organism (compound of protein, carbohydrate, fat, and fiber).
  4. The ability of denitrification process.
  5. Keep stability of water quality.
Experiment Data
(1) The ability for denitrification process in waters.
(2) Degrade organic matters.
Dose :
  • 100 g/3000-5000 m2 every 2-3 days (standard condition / prevention).
  • 100 g/3000-5000 m2 every day up to 3 days (when the phytoplankton concentrated -- control condition).

How to use :
  • Dissolve ARIAKE 3 according to the dose with sufficient clean water (50-100 liters) to activate the bacteria.
  • Stir it evenly.
  • The probiotic can be stocked directly to the pond.

Safety Precautions
- Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
- Please use in quality assurance period (2 years after month of manufacture).


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