License KM - Harvestariake

PT. Harvest Ariake Indonesia is a company engaged in bioindustri, since the founding of the company focus on product development in the aquaculture sector industry mainstay products namely shrimp with probiotics ARIAKE 1 which is useful to keep the pond water quality is more controlled.

As time goes by PT. Harvest Ariake Indonesia started developing some products according to the needs of the market at that time, with input and see the problems on the pitch we started innovating by creating products of mixed feed and some probiotic products for maintaining water quality such as PowerLac, ARIAKE 3 and ARIAKE KURO. Then we also made a breakthrough new product to control the vector for biopesticide products disease in human beings or products to eradicate the mosquito larva that is MOSNON TB.
For the overall production of the products we currently already have a license directly from company Kyushu Medical co., Ltd. – Japan. For that we have a strong commitment to providing excellent quality products for our customers.

In each of our products there is the logo of BIOJAN meaning “Biotechnology Japan”, meaning in the logo is a guarantee of the quality of each product has Japan and give consumers confidence in using our products.



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